Virus Removal Long Island

Virus Removal


Virus removal is a common part of Long Island PC repair because we access the internet every day. Spyware and viruses can damage or slow down a Long Island computer, or the virus could steal our private information. With the amount of risk that a virus has, removing the virus can protect your computer from being infected again.


Benefits of Virus Removal


Viruses can do major damage to your computer in a short amount of time. Many people wait until it is too late to have a virus removal done. Here are the main benefits of having regular virus removal services done.


Protects Your Computer


Our computers store a lot of information about us, our family, and businesses. Viruses are programmed to collect as much information as they can without being found. They can look through all of our files, internet browsing data, and record input from a keyboard or mouse. Hackers can use this data to steal our identity, or they can sell our information for a lot of money on the deep web.


Virus removal removes any viruses that have made their way onto your computer or network. Even if you have the latest anti-virus software, you should have regular virus removal services done. This is because anti-viruses only protect you against the known viruses at the time. Regular virus removal helps limit the amount of data that can be stolen by viruses.


Identity Protection


Today, viruses are not just about scanning the information that is on the computer. Hackers have created viruses that can record the screen, use the webcam, and record our key presses. This allows hackers to better steal your identity, and use or sell that information. Within minutes, you can have your whole identity stolen without you even knowing about it.


Anti-virus software and regular virus removal services can help reduce your risk of having your identity stolen. This is because the anti-virus protects your computer from the known virus, whereas virus removal scans for new viruses that are being used. Hackers are becoming smarter, so we need to protect ourselves better from them and their viruses.




When a virus is on a computer, it is designed to send as much information as it can back to the host computer or network. This can slow down your computer because it is making copies of all the data that it is designed to look for, and sending the copies. Many times, this does not only slow down a computer, but it can also slow down the overall Internet connection for other devices. The virus sends so much data that the network could become unusable.


Many people think that slowdown of their computer or Internet is caused by needing a new computer or their connection is just bad. However, after a virus removal, many computers will speed up. This is due to the fact the virus is not running programs in the background and stealing/recording our data. The virus removal can also help speed up Internet connections since the computer is not using extra bandwidth to send the data. Virus removal is cheaper than having to replace a computer for being too slow.


Our Virus Removal Services


We offer a variety of Long Island PC repair services. Virus removal is a vital aspect of a computer repair because viruses can create major damage to our computers and steal valuable information. To return your computer to a safe state, we use the latest software to ensure that all the viruses are removed. We can also help you pick anti-virus software that is right for your computer, which will limit the chances of a virus infection in the future.