Home Automation Long Island

Home Owners Guide on Home Automation


Long Island is currently experiencing a revolutionary change in their home.  By incorporating technology in their home and adding household gadgets, climate, and state-of-the-art security, they have the opportunity to convert their customary house to a modern smart homeLong Island houses regardless if it is large or small can introduce the right system in and out of their house.  The main feature of a smart home is the capacity to automate the task and change or monitor our house remotely.  Hone automation can be applied on your appliances, security, landscape, home entertainment and our climate.


Full Home Automation


Long island smart homes generally consist of various devices that communicates through a remote control.  The list of device varies depending on the home as well as their remote interface and their level of control.  Some of the most important components in an automation system includes the following.


  • Platform and Protocol- Most of your devices should function with protocol. This can be compared to the set-up of your MAC and PC wherein the gadgets that you can use will depend on your protocol.  Common protocols will include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is a protocol that is not regularly used on large integrations of home automationLong Island automation generally operates using wireless signal.


  • Plug and Play- the most convenient way to start with automation is through Z-wave wireless since most of the appliances found in our home are designed to be compatible with wireless technology. The use of smart plug is another perfect concept for smart homeLong Island smart plugs come with a plug-and-play feature that converts a single outlet to a Wi-Fi plug on a definite time allowing you to control them using your smartphone.




  • Full System and Receiver – Beyond the plug and play system, the receiver or the hub will direct your home automation. Long Island hub will function as a central point that aims to coordinate the signals that are linked on your mobile phone or computer that you can used for monitoring or controlling device.


  • Mobile Apps- Regardless if you are looking for the fundamental or a comprehensive house protocol, you will need an app with simple and functional interface to conveniently control your smart home. Long Island homeowners should first decide the things that are most necessary for them and find a compatible framework for their system.


Security Home Automation


Long Island homeowners consider their family and home security their main reason why they choose to convert their home into a smart home.  Home security involves anything that concerns your locking mechanism, lighting, and 24/7 monitoring system. The basic installation will start at a very affordable price and can increase exponentially depending on the intricacy of your system and the amount of systems that you need to install.  Automating the security gives you the option to introduce motion detectors, security cameras, high-tech locking mechanisms, carbon monoxide and fire and smoke detectors.


Landscaping Home Automation


Long Island home owners understand that home automation is not only limited on the inside of your house.  Various types of automation can also be introduced on the outside environment of your house that will ultimately amplify the innovation look, enhance security, reduce electricity and water waste and decrease the cost of maintenance.  Irrigation, pools, lighting and landscaping are some of the elements that can be addressed through smart homeLong Island may also boost the aesthetic appeal of their property by adding seasonal and automated decals.


Appliance Home Automation


Long Island appliances provide a huge selection for automation.   Large appliances will make the function of your kitchen seamless and efficient.  Washers, dryers and floor cleaners will ensure the cleanliness of your house.  And your spa and tub can also be automated to prepare it for a relaxing and refreshing night bath after your work.


Comfort and security are some of the main benefits of home automationLong Island home owners will have the opportunity to go beyond the ordinary functions of their house and make it more efficient.